5 Senses for Success

Introducing my new book, 5 Senses for Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena

“Build trust and motivation, understand yourself and others,
or find your inner strength.” - Juli Geske Peer, 5 Senses for Success

What if you could take lessons-learned that were shaped by your environment and your circumstance and then combine them with solid research and human empathy?

What if you could then use the resulting skills and awareness to achieve success and create healthier relationships with yourself and with others?

These are the roots that grew into my soon-to-be-released book,
5 Senses for Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena

The book that uses ALL of your senses

Our senses help us interpret our shared human experience, but they can be deceiving. In each powerful book chapter, our 5 physical senses (see, hear, touch, taste, smell) have been reimagined to dig deeper and be more effective allies. My new, modified senses (observe, listen, feel, engage, appreciate) are revealed as practical strategies that can help everyone to go much farther in attaining their goals in the life areas of family, career, connection, and so much more.

The book that helps you explore your INWARD and OUTWARD world

The lessons, stories, studies, and methods in 5 Senses will help you experience the world in a new way. Each chapter gives concepts you can apply at any stage of your life or career. They are inward-looking and outward-reaching practices told in my own life experiences and illuminated by careful research and study. Each chapter of 5 Senses also includes a leadership section.

Practicing the 5 Senses strategies will guide you to…

Understand & value yourself & others

Build trust & motivation

Find your inner strength

Enhance career growth

Define & pursue your vision of success

Become a compassionate leader

Navigate difficult conversations

Shift damaged relationships

Quiet the inner stream of negativity

About the Author

Juli Geske-PeerI am Juli Geske-Peer and my history, like yours, is rich with events (good and bad), people (uplifting and challenging) and information (enlightening and deceptive). I have spent two decades in leadership and launched several businesses, but this book is one of my proudest achievements.

Author Bio: Juli Geske-Peer is the founder and president of Peer Performance Solutions, a company focused on enhancing individual and organizational performance. Her particular expertise is on facilitating exceptional leadership and relationship skills. With a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and over 20 years of successful consulting and management experience, Juli has worked with companies ranging from local nonprofits to multinational organizations

Cover of Juli Geske Peer book, 5 Senses for Success

Now Available!

“Success is a holistic concept—an attitude more than anything, and something attainable by every one of us.”
– Juli Geske-Peer

Available for preorder at Kirk House Publishers. Books will ship after May 25, 2021.