Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Broken relationships leave sharp edges that jab us daily. They disrupt our day-to-day lives by making it difficult to concentrate on anything but the pain we are experiencing, the toxicity surrounding us.

You don’t have to live like this. You deserve more.

Years ago, I was in an abusive relationship with my husband. Though it wasn’t easy, we were able to bore down to the roots of our issues, mend them, and get back on track. Today, our relationship is flourishing, and we are in a mutually respectful, communicative partnership.

No matter if you’re experiencing physical or emotional blows, I can help. I am a certified mediator and conflict resolution specialist. My mediation sessions are:



Personalized to fit the situation

Supported with proven methods



Coaching is one of the most valuable investments you can make. It has the potential to build a deeper understanding of what makes you tick, identify the trouble spots in your life, and help you refocus and readjust your personal path. When working with a coach, you have an accountability partner to regularly check in with you, help you set realistic and actionable goals, and motivate you to achieve them.

Over the past few decades, I have not only obtained multiple coaching certificates, but have also worked with several coaches on areas of improvement in my own life. I know the value of coaching, and I believe in it.

I offer individual, couple, and group coaching sessions. Individual coaching is great for those who wish to explore their personal path in an intimate setting. Couple coaching can be stand-alone to help a couple achieve unique goals, or blended with mediation services to resolve conflicts and achieve goals. Group coaching is suitable for those who are either working through an issue or sticking point with others or would like to lean on fellow mentees for motivation and inspiration. I also offer periodic group coaching sessions focused on a specific topic, such as career building. See more here.

My coaching sessions are:


Customized to the individual, couple, or group

Focused on equipping participants with the tools to achieve realistic goals

Supported with proven methods


Workplace Training

Many of us spend the bulk of our lives at work. If we’re mired in conflict with co-workers, superiors, staff, or clients, that will make our professional lives miserable and will, undoubtedly, carry over into our personal lives.

It is possible to take control of workplace relationships by building mutual respect, tactful communication methods, and a deeper understanding of others. This is true even if the other party or parties are not willing to work through mediation-type processes. I’d love to teach you the way to build trust with those around you, no matter how difficult the relationships are now.

I’m also a proponent of building leaderships skills no matter one’s role in an organization, as leadership skills help build success anywhere.

As a workplace trainer, I have helped teams from various industries realize relational success by shifting team culture and expectations. My workplace training services include:

Executive and leadership skills development, including strategy setting and staff hiring, onboarding, development, engagement, and retention

Improvement in performance, procedures and policies, including communications

Team assessment and coaching; team-building implementation

Assessment tools for individuals and teams, including Insights Discovery, MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) and StrengthsFinder

Project management, whether for change processes, system enhancements, or work goals

Client management, including training on enhancing client satisfaction and retention

Workshops and Presentations

I don’t believe in talking at people; I believe in talking with people. My workshops and presentations are interactive, filled with captivating information and graphics, and applicable to real life. I have spoken to both small groups and large crowds, in many different industries. I understand the importance of connecting with my audience, and I adjust presentations to suit the audience’s composition, size, and interests.

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, I specialize in relationship-building presentations, designed to construct and maintain productive relationships, improve one’s personal brand, and foster success through meaningful connections.

My workshops and presentations are:


Catered to the audience

Relevant to today’s societal and workplace issues


Focused on realistic goals