Time to Reimagine Success!

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If I sat you down in a room with 10 other people (socially distanced, of course) and I asked you to write down your personal goals, it would be very unlikely that any of those goals would be exactly the same. But, while we each may think about goals—or success—through our own lens, we often succumb to public pressure and take on definitions of success touted by well-known experts. Through this, we end up striving for “success” that may not ultimately work for us or our purpose. Has this happened to you? Are you ready for something new?

For decades we have been using the same terms to define our success and for many success hasn’t been easy to achieve. I decided to examine my own path to success through my personal and professional experiences, as well as to extensively research the subject. That is how I realized that our typical five senses through which we experience the world can be modified to increase our potential for attaining success. I believe I have come up with a practical, achievable method.

Introducing the new 5 Senses.

What are the 5 Senses for Success? They are five impactful verbs linked to the five original senses which are meant to promote action and offer a new and different approach to success. I used the basic senses which many of us share (see, hear, touch, taste, smell) as a springboard and inspiration to introduce the 5 Senses for Success: observe, listen, feel, engage, appreciate. These modified senses allow us to go much deeper and we can use them to better relate to ourselves and others, thus removing barriers to goal achievement. When I work with coaching clients, it’s rarely the technical skills that keep them from their aims; it’s almost always some sort of relationship barrier. Are you ready to leap over yours?

Let’s dig in a bit to our listening sense. When you listen to another person, do you just physically hear sound, like recognizing children playing outdoors or a siren on the street, not really paying full attention? Or are you engaging your brain, thinking about what is said? Are you asking follow-up questions to dig deeper? Are you aiming to fully understand the other’s thoughts and perspectives, while setting aside your own opinions so they don’t get in the way? Instead of listening fully, we can often become distracted by our own thoughts of what we will say when it’s our turn. Or by our phones. Or TV. Or we can become annoyed with what the other is saying and our thoughts circle with irritation. Any thought we have that takes our brains out of listening and considering the other’s viewpoint is something that doesn’t allow us to fully take in their messages and perspective.

The reimagined 5 Senses can be cultivated to help us go beyond our elementary instincts to a place where we can build our own confidence and strengthen the relationships we have with others. Increasing confidence and building better relationships are two skill sets that can elevate us as leaders, as community members, and within our own families.

We’ve just scratched the surface!

Each one of these new concepts has many layers of meaning. When we begin to dig into them, we open ourselves to different success approaches, opportunities for reflection, and the chance to continue learning and growing as both individuals and as leaders.

My upcoming book entitled the 5 Senses for Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena explores the details of each of these new 5 Senses with personal stories to illustrate the pathways to success, while also illuminating dangers to avoid. The book also shares the supporting research and gives you the practical application of the 5 Senses to help you find your personal success.

The inspiration behind this book is simple, I want you to be successful. Figuring out the rest of your life is not possible. Learning how to make the days ahead better and more rewarding is within you.


Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close

they were to success when they gave up.

    -Thomas Alva Edison


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Juli Geske Peer is a leadership and relationship practitioner whose professional credentials include two academic degrees, mediator training, train-the-trainer certification, two coaching certifications, and numerous other learning and certification accomplishments.

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