What are YOUR Thoughts?

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Healthy relationships are the best indicator of success or failure

When is the last time you were asked for your thoughts on a matter? Conversely, how recently did you pause to ask a co-worker or family member what they think? If you expressed or experienced either of these of late, congratulations! You are showing others that they matter and others are demonstrating to you that you are valued.

With all that you have on your plate such as career decisions, family needs, political issues, health concerns, etc., you may not see nurturing relationships making the top three on your to-do list. However, this is the perfect time to work on your relationships because they are a part of every important step we take. Approaching the issues I mention here in a state of strong, trusting relationships will increase the odds that you will find the success you’re looking for in each arena.

What has happened?

How did you react the last time you read or heard something with which you did not agree? Did you fire off a Facebook response that was less than kind? Did you complain to a friend or family member? I wonder if you stopped to consider the potential of your words. Today’s real or perceived differences have actually split up families and ended long-term friendships.

I am not saying we should not have our own values and opinions. Each one of us is uniquely formed from our environment, our thoughts, our emotions, and our experiences—this unique formation is a beautiful thing as it adds to the diversity of life! If we hold a position that we are expert or all-knowing on any subject, we limit our ability to learn. This stunts our personal growth as we maintain a closed mindset. It also limits our human connections.

Give it a chance.

You can find positive relationships in the most unlikely places. In my newly released book, 5 Senses for Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena, I have a chapter titled ‘Appreciate’ where I talk about an eye-opening experience I had as a volunteer. I was asked to facilitate a program around conflict resolution techniques for a group of men in a local jail. I admit, I came in with pre-conceived notions about the inmates and I was solely focused on myself (frankly I had some fears going into this!). In many ways, I couldn’t see beyond my own thoughts and needs. This is the trap so many of us fall into when we are faced with relating to someone or something new–especially when we’re outside of our comfort zone.

During my work with the incarcerated men, developing sincere curiosity around THEIR life experiences and what I could learn from THEM turned the whole experience into a win-win. By telling myself to give these individuals a chance I opened myself up to truly listening and educating myself on their journeys. I rediscovered my own passion for helping people with difficult challenges. Just think of what you might realize about yourself if you commit to building stronger relationships based on trust and understanding.

Give it time.

“The relationships I most value are those in which

I am safe to share my opinions.”

– Juli Geske Peer, 5 Senses for Success

Relationships are not texts or tweets; they are not TikTok videos or Zoom calls. Look closely at your best relationships. What are the factors that they have in common? I will wager that the people with whom you connect best are those showing a true interest in you and what you care about. They are probably good listeners and they find some empathy even when they aren’t in total agreement. You leave encounters with them feeling refreshed,  heard, understood.

What a great world we could have if we would develop more of these types of successful relationships. You may be feeling a little intimidated by resuming life in our “new normal” as we surface from the pandemic. Communication skills may have been on lockdown with everything else, so give yourself some time to come out of ‘connection hibernation’ and use all of your senses to experience others. It requires being vulnerable. It will take time. It will be worth the effort.

Healthy relationships equal a successful life!

The above sub-head is a pretty bold statement, huh? Well, I have been feeling pretty bold lately. With the easing of the pandemic restrictions, the ability to get out and meet face-to-face, and the launch of my first book on creating success, I am at a place of boldness. How about joining me?

It is my sincere wish to use my book, and my work as a leadership and relationship influencer to help others find their brighter future. I put out this challenge – for you to make a difference for someone else by how you approach your relationship. Start with small steps by altering one thing. Maybe you can listen more deeply or clear your mind of any pre-judgments before you interact. It is up to you.

So….what are your thoughts?

”The greatest compliment that was ever paid to me was when someone asked me what I thought and attended to my answer.”

Henry David Thoreau

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Juli Geske Peer is a leadership and relationship practitioner whose professional credentials include two academic degrees, mediator training, train-the-trainer certification, two coaching certifications, numerous other learning and certification accomplishments, and now, author!

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