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Relationship Practitioner

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5 Senses for Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena
By Juli Geske-Peer

"Success is a holistic concept—an attitude more than anything, and something attainable by every one of us." - Juli Geske-Peer

The 5 Senses of Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena is focused on saving you precious time and alleviating the stress and trauma that are inherent in our journey of personal development

From the strategies in my book you will:

  • Learn the key components for achieving personal success
  • Go beyond experiencing only ‘surface’ impressions and deepen your understanding of yourself and others
  • Actively apply the ‘modified 5 senses’ to acknowledge your own biases and shed patterns that don’t serve you
  • Explore alternative methods of living, perceiving, behaving, and communicating

My goal in 5 Senses of Success is to share the factors I have found to be most critical for achieving success in any arena of life.

Book Cover 5 Senses for Success

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Success begins with relationships.

The relationship crisis.

We have a relationship crisis in our world today. True, there are those who relate wonderfully and do amazing things to better their own plight and that of those around them. However, there are too many instances where we fail to realize the importance of relationship and all that entails.

Let me be clear what I mean by “relationship,” as many may think of romantic relationships when I mention this word. What I mean is broader, duplicating what dictionary.com reports as the first definition of relationship: “a connection, association, or involvement”. Yes, it may include romantic relationship, but it also includes relationships with co-workers, community members, broader family and friends.

I believe that relationship is the single most important factor in our success or failure in any arena.

Of course, there are other important factors beyond relationship, such as education, technical skills, etc., but when we stop to think about how community is built, families thrive, and work succeeds, it all comes down to interactions with others. Intentional connections between yourself and others can elevate your personal life, career, and internal wellbeing. On the other hand, a lack of healthy connections can create stress, anxiety, and frustration. 

Relationships touch every part of our lives: family, friends, career, self. They support and nourish the purpose-driven life. They are the backbone of progress and forward movement.

Let me help you restore your relationships and amplify your results.

Juli's Results

PPS is thrilled to share a few quotes from delighted coaching clients:

“Juli has a skillset that every professional needs in their corner. She is able to see strengths that one may be ignoring or which one hasn't identified directly; she is objective, and she has a broad range of expertise in professional development and executive etiquette….My professional growth is directly tied to her coaching.”

“Fantastic job. I immediately felt comfortable and the questions posed led me down a path to help me sort out what is happening, and the specific action steps are helping me 'relax' and dig out emotionally.”

“Juli is an outstanding professional to work with....While an expert in her field, she primarily listens and applies that expertise to YOUR situation. She is candid while constructive in her assessments, providing practical and real solutions. I've found her to be one of the best consultants I've ever worked with.”

Introducing Juli.

Juli Geske-Peer

A disciplined relationship practitioner.

You may have noticed I call myself a “Relationship Practitioner.” The word “Practitioner” is often used to refer to medical doctors, but it simply indicates someone involved in a discipline. I approach managing relationships with discipline, in that I believe certain principles and techniques maximize success in relationship-building. I also approach relationships with discipline by continually honing my skills, reflecting on what I’ve done well or could improve, and learning additional new skills on an ongoing basis. Bottom line: I find relationships fascinating and I believe they are the one greatest factor in reaching our goals, whatever they may be.

Beyond being a relationship practitioner, who am I? I am a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, survivor (abuse, cancer), volunteer, business professional, leader, coach, writer, advocate, mediator, circle keeper, friend.

In my professional life, I have over 20 years of managerial and leadership experience, a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, a certification in Extreme Leadership, and am a trained conflict mediator and coach. It is my belief that over the course of my education and career, I was drawn to learn the very skills that would help me become a good relationship practitioner—listening, understanding, and problem-solving skills, as well as a true desire to know and accept others as they exist, in all the unique diversity that makes up humanity.

Services offered

I help navigate difficult relationships and restore healthy connections, whether personal or professional.

Mediation conflict resolution

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Not only am I a certified mediator and conflict resolution specialist, I have survived domestic abuse and worked with my husband to repair our broken marriage. My experience equips me to bridge relational gaps with empathy and understanding.

One-on-one coaching

One-On-One or Group Coaching

If we hope to truly connect with others, first we must start with the self. My personalized coaching helps you explore your personal path, determine your goals, live with intentionality, seek meaningful connections, and embrace your “imperfect me.”

Workplace training


Studies show professional relationships deserve our minds, hearts, and souls as much as personal relationships. I use my experience working with not-for-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies alike to build and improve workplace teams.

Relationship workshops presentations

Workshops and Presentations

Looking for a day-long workshop or a keynote speaker? I give dynamic, interactive presentations on methods to build and maintain productive relationships, improve your personal brand, and foster success through meaningful connections.