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My life revolves around building successful relationships. It’s interesting to find myself here, as I wasn’t always great at relationships—in fact I still think of myself as continuing to learn and practice! While I have amassed quite a few skills and certifications in this area, I also know that because of the way I was raised, I didn’t naturally learn how to navigate relationships effectively. I have had to be intentional to learn these skills.

As an example of my accomplishments, professionally and through volunteerism, I have successfully:

Navigated client relationships to realize enhanced and returned business.

Led teams delivering to both internal and external clients.

Established strategies and implemented measurable improvements by working closely with colleagues across organizations.

Trained inmates and at-risk youth on conflict resolution techniques.

Mediated conflicts with diverse audiences, including conflicts related to human rights and abuse issues.


My professional credentials include two academic degrees, mediator training, train-the-trainer certification, two coaching certifications, and numerous other learning and certification accomplishments.

After 20+ years in leadership and working for myself “on-the-side” while employed full-time, I struck out on my own full-time in 2014 and began my career as a self-employed consultant, coach, and trainer. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of individuals and organizations enhance leadership, repair damaged relationships, find common ground, and achieve success through interpersonal improvement and financial gains.

In my personal life, I have effectively worked with my husband to repair our union, which was marred by domestic abuse and a separation. We have now been together 25+ years and are happier—and healthier—than ever. I have also parented two children (one of whom was adopted out of foster care and has special needs), and I am currently raising a grandchild with special needs.

I believe in and nurture healthy, long-lasting relationships, as evidenced by my decades-long friendships, repeat clients, and numerous employees who have worked with me in more than one locale (meaning they wanted to come work with me again!).

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I specialize in:

Mediation conflict resolution

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

One-on-one coaching

One-On-One or Group Coaching

Workplace training


Relationship workshops presentations

Workshops and Presentations